Watching the Whales


Not too long ago I posted a bit about my experience seeing a bunch of porpoises while I was out fishing. It was totally cool. They surrounded the boat and I reached out and patted their silvery backs.

In California whale watching is big. that’s because there are so many of these meandering cetaceans in the off the coast in the Pacific. Having grown up in California, I’ve seen humpbacks around the waters since I was a kid. And when you see them, it’s often the case that they are being tailed by whale-watching boats. Whale watching is pretty fun, if there are whales to see. And especially if the whale seem intent on entertaining. Here is an article about the best places to do whale watching. Of course California is there, but so are the Azores, Dominica and Orcas Island up in Washington. This last one is also a favorite of mine because the whales you see are often killer whales, and if you’ve ever been out kayaking and seen an Orca, well, there’s nothing quite like it.