Anti-Mosquito Clothing


Is it the sugar we eat? The rapidness or density of our breath? Something about our personalities, maybe? Do we just
seem more inviting, giving off a vibe that says, bite me, I’m easy.

Whatever the case, the fact is that some of us are virtual mosquito magnets. I was at a friend’s house a week or so
ago and was getting devoured by the little demons. Slapping, scratching, hopping around, squealing like babies…but that
was just two of us. Two others just sat there without so much as a hum in the ear. Well,
we covered mosquitoes earlier in a “Creature Feature” post
meant to educate folks this summer about the nature and biology of Satan’s earthly spawn. And now we want to help you
do something about it.

Check out this clothing from a company called Buzz Off. They make mosquito
repellent apparel that supposedly keeps the bugs away “without lotion or spray”. The clothing is basically soaked in an
effective repellent and then treated so that it doesn’t reek of Deet. But what about washing? Won’t that get rid of the
repellent in the clothing? WELL, The site says that the clothing remains highly effective through 25 washings. I
suppose that’s a fair amount…after all, chances are you will only wear your Buzz Off clothing when you are camping,
which won’t be THAT often.