Guatemala is Good


I have seen so many articles this last year about trips to Central America, it’s amazing to think that this is the same place that was in the news just a decade ago for bloody civil wars and extreme poverty. Well, much of the poverty is still there, but countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala are realizing that tourism is a lot more profitable (and fun) than war.

The most recent example of this bullish view on Central America I found in the Washington Post this weekend. It’s article on Guatemala looks at the vast array of things to do down there, from trekking mountains, to wandering Mayan ruins to heading to Antigua, where one of the coolest festivals in the world takes place during Easter week.

Now I have to tell you that I have been to Guatemala, and I found it a very cool place. I felt safe the whole time I was there, and yes, the Antigua festival (my photo at right) is one of those things that you should try to do once in your lifetime. One interesting things about this article is that the author says he actually bought a house in Guatemala. If that isn’t a sign that things have changed drastically there, I don’t know what is.