Interview with Joshua Berman on Rolf

bermanSeveral times over the last few months we’ve called out the site of Joshua Berman Tranquilo Traveler for its compelling writing about India and other far off places. Berman seems to be in India now, following in the footsteps of Buddha.

Rolf Potts did an interview with Berman for his excellent travel writer series in which writers talk about how they got started, what inspires them and the nature of the travel writing biz. I enjoy all these interviews, but Berman’s was particularly good because we’ve had the pleasure of following his travels lately (even if we got one post wrong about where he was :-(). Oh well.

Anyhow, take a read. Berman’s an accomplished writer. Just this year he won a 2005 Lowell Thomas Award for best guidebook for his book on Belize.