Thinking Tajikistan

My wanting to do another Global Village build with Habitat for Humanity is really starting to make me itch. In fact it’s an itch so bad, poison ivy would be extremely green with envy. The first problem is being able to take off and volunteer (good for the heart, hard on the pockets) and picking the destination. I know I’d catch a huge amount of flack from a lot of people by attempting to do a global effort when there are several homes that need to be rebuilt (New Orleans) here in the states. When I went to look the list of builds recently I was pretty set on doing Ethiopia, though the timing might be a tight squeeze for me, so after starring real hard at the screen I started thinking Tajikistan.

This is going to sound even more silly, because I don’t know much about the country, but I like the name. I’m actually drawn to several countries ending with ‘stan.’ For the most part you’re not supposed to venture anywhere near them it seems, yet there is a world of undiscovered culture there. In my quick research I came across this Travel Tajikistan site with some basic travel information on getting to the country, visas, health, language, etc and then dashed over to Lonely Planet to see some of their suggestions. Looking pretty good so far and I’ll let you know what I come up with. Any of our readers been to Tajikistan? Would love to hear from you guys!