La Robe Creole Restaurant

Dominica’s La Robe Creole Restaurant is more than a website dedicated to what seems to be one of the country’s best family owned restaurants. (Both Washington Post and Fordors give great reviews.) A trip to the website will not only give you a visual taste of what your palate has in store, but provides comprehensive background information on the country in a glossary full of terms. Visitors planning a trip to the Caribbean island can also use the La Robe Forum to find out cultural and creole language information. Want to experience Carnival in Dominica? Fine information about the event here too.Play La Robe’s Game Quiz and score points while trip planning.

Returning to the more important topic of food, they offer basic burgers to island fav’s like chicken roti and callaloo soup. Those looking for light selections can have a small feast on delicious fish au gratin, accras, and shrimp in coconut flakes. For the picky eater, take a look at the food photo gallery, which may not cure your being picky overnight, but could help you decide what to order. Everything looks incredibly tempting, especially the fruit. Mmm.