Luanda Welcomes Travelers

Well the war in Angola is over. In case you didn’t know. It has been done with for the last three years and while it Luanda, Angola may have left much of the country in shambles, officials hope to woo foreign tourists in with whatever they can. Like many African countries Angola is banking that a swing in tourism could help the economy in more ways than one. I’m sure. As for right now the country has planned the construction of six new four and five star hotels and with the little bit of long undeveloped Atlantic coastline, lush tropical forests, beautiful mountains, waterfalls, exotic birds, and other wildlife left they may be able to reel in a good number of tourists. All it takes is a little advertising to let the people know Luanda, Angola welcomes travelers! CNN provides some coverage on the country’s future plans.

In the meanwhile consider Angola on your next African adventure. Careful research and planning could surely give off-the-beaten path type travelers an unimaginable experience. Lonely Planet still notes the country as being a rather unsafe place to visit, but if you must go and would like to go to find out for yourself then they also recommend a visit to the Elinga Teatro art gallery. Personally I’d consider a trip to the country just to trace the connection of the capoeira done in Brazil to their roots in Angola. That’s just me.