Gayot's Top 10 NYE Destinations

List are great ways to narrow down a world on New Year’s Eve events into a select few worthy of your time, so I’ll doGayot Top 10 NYE my best in giving you links
to several lists of ‘best’ over the next couple of days. After having a list of lists you’ll be right back to where you
started with a world of options. Thank me later. For now we have Gayot’s Top 10 Best New Year’s Eve Travel Destinations.
I’m very impressed with some of their recommendations. I never would have thought about Whistler, B.C., or Acapulco,
Mexico (don’t ask why), but these look like great cities to count down the last hours, minutes and seconds of the day.
Others that made the list are quite obvious like the Magic Kingdom in Orlando,
FL and Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland. Leave it to a decades old mouse
and the new kid on the block (Harry Potter) to attract visitors to throw better parties than say, Paris Hilton. In no
particular order the rest of Gayot’s list include: San Fran, Shanghai, Chicago, Prague, Rome, and Vienna. Those are all
pretty big cities so be sure to click here for a detailed to do in each destination.