Which Antigua?

Antigua, GuatemalaHmm. That’s all that comes to mind after reading this dizzy travel horror story by Terry O’ Connor for the Courier-Mail. Remember the chick-flick with Kate Hudson and her adventures at losing a guy in 10 days? This story almost feels like the travelers version of how to board the wrong plane 10 different ways. And it’s not that they boarded the wrong plane because we all know the strict yet smiling gate attendants would never let that happen, but somehow Terry and his wife found themselves in the wrong country after landing. They were in Antigua and Barbuda. Where they wanted to be was Antigua, Guatemala enjoying their overland adventure tour. Apparently their travel agent gave them tickets booked with all with the wrong everything. After a departure just as swift as their arrival in Antigua and Barbuda and a night in Miami they made it to Guatemala and the story had a happy ending. Even with all the details I’m still having a hard time picturing how such could happen.