One for the Road (01/10/06)

This book by Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan was released in 2004 and was turned into a television show in 2005. No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a List for Life is not exactly a travel book, but Keoghan shares his personal travel experiences in the Yucatan Jungle and African Congo to encourage readers to face their own fears and test personal limits. Last year his N.O.W. self-improvement philosophy was transformed into the N.O.W TV show, a globetrotting adventure series on Discovery HD and Fit TV. Each week on No Opportunity Wasted, one person is given three days (72 hours) and $3,000 to make their biggest dream a reality. You can view Phil’s List for Life as well as lists submitted by readers to get some travel inspiration. Check out the show or book to learn more about this adventure guru’s 8 Ways to Create a List for the Life You Want.