Japan's Ocean Dome

OceanDomeSaw this piece about the
mega Ocean Dome housed inside the Phoenix Seagaia Resort in
Japan on Gridskipper
and felt is if it deserved some mention here. Their writer distinguishes some of the obvious differences of the in-door
Ocean Dome to an actual outdoor beach as found in the resorts very own notes and considers it a toss up. I would like
to agree, but nothing beats a day at a real beach with the chance of a real-life shark encounter. Are you with me?
Also, trips to the beach are supposed to be free with caves, coves, and palm trees to hide or create your own special
kind of paradise away from the other washed up tourists. I wonder how this big bubble compares? And while it is quite
massive, measuring 300 meters in length, 100 meters in length and one can see the surfers ride the artificial waves of
the Great Bank something about this year-round beach scenario comes off a bit nightmarish. Too much of a good thing and
the summer that would not end.