Vermont Travel

I was contemplating taking a trip up North to Vermont
to do some skiing in the near future and so spent some time looking for a few good Vermont sites. I wanted to point out
this one that I found particularly useful. This is the state-specific site for Vermont from the larger and fairly
impressive Explore New England site. It looked like a rather
common sort of PR site at first, but once I got into it, I was very surprised by the depth of information and the
nicely organized links.

Take the section on Vermont. You can look for hotels by price, restaurants by
cuisine and browse through endless outdoor and indoor things to do. Museums
anyone? You can explore what’s going on in various regions or cities, with a sensible focus on the larger towns like
Stowe, Burlington, etc. By the way, did you know there is a Los Angeles , Vermont? I didn’t. And not just that, there
is a Griffith Observatory there. Just like in LA. Weird. See, you learn something everyday.

So digging
deeper into the site, you’ll notice there are also articles galore on traveling in the state. Really, the
stuff here just goes on and on. I found it an immensely valuable resource for the region. I’d love to see something
like this done all over the country.