International Optimism

I thought this was a rather odd article…but I couldn’t stop reading it, and while I’m still a wee bit puzzled by its conclusions, I think it makes for some thoughtful examination. The article is the result of a BBC poll that surveyed some 38,000 people in 32 countries between October 2005 and January 2006. People were asked how optimistic they were about their own futures, how good they thought they had it in the world. Among those who were most optimistic, a most unlikely duo: Afghanistan and Iraq. How can this be so?

Well, first we should point out that among countries with the lowest sense of optimism were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia. Which makes sense. Congo is the last place I’d like to be right now. Congo and Stockton, CA (jk!). But even the Italians and the South Koreans seemed a bit dour. Odd that.

Canadians were pretty psyched about life, but the French were down.

Where do the Americans fit in all this? No idea. I see no mention of us. But we are an optimistic lot so my guess is we’re off the charts. But that could just be me…Mr. Happiness.