Tobago in Go World Travel

PalmsVillaNothing beats clicking into
some of your favorite travel publications and finding an article or two about the piece of paradise you’re getting
ready to explore. Agreed? Go
World Travel
features a story by Eric Lucas and his time spent in the quiet lesser known Tobago, a place as foreign
as Tuva for me. Though I was a few hours away by ferry at some point in the past I never made it and truthfully I was
okay with that. The week spent in Trinidad wasn’t nearly enough so to compensate I’m spending three weeks between both
of the islands. Splurging and comfort were priority for Lucas and his travel companion, which landed them at The Palms,
one of the finest resorts on either of the islands. This will be the exact opposite for me and my companions. While we
have plans to stay at the Tobago Plantations it probably won’t be as nice as this resort the writer describes up to the
very ceiling fan, one of the best amenities you can have with blazing hot temperatures and sticky humidity 24/7. In
addition to pinpointing some of the island’s finest luxury accommodation he writes about snorkeling Buccoo Reef,
birding, and hiking. Slowly Tobago is becoming less of a mystery, but until explored by my own two remains one all the