Africa Travel: Angola

CuenneRiverAs foreign and far as Angola may seem the country should be sounding just as familiar as home by now. Okay, well not quite, but it shouldn’t sound that strange. For starters their football team will be playing in this years World Cup and CNN had a piece on the call for tourists in capital city, Luanda some weeks back. Aside from sports and warm sandy beaches lining the coasts Angola is still a very happening spot in Southern Africa. To be more precise in the location, the country borders the South Atlantic Ocean and sits between Nambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For a picture view of what the country is like check out this photo gallery at Outside of the official tourism website, they provide some of the most extensive information you’ll probably find on the web. Whether you’re out for some Kizomba dance, cultural entertainment, a trip to the slave museum, or soaking up Angola’s outdoors like Black Stones in Malanje, the Cuenne River, or Benguela Bay you’re bound to be impressed. Heck, I was, but I’m easy to please.