Latitudes Magazine February

Once again I urge you to check out Latitudes Magazine, which just came out. Let me reiterate that this is probably my favorite online multimedia magazine. I try my best to remember that it’s a monthly and to take a look, but sometimes I forget. Now I’ve figured out that they have an email reminder system so I do that.

Anyway, as travel magazines go, Latitudes is wonderful. I believe it’s published in Italy, so it has a definite Italian flair, tasteful, snazzy, if a wee-bit arrogant. Every month, the online issue has got about a dozen or so stories from around the world. They are always illustrated with the most luscious photos, a satisfactory amount of text (the pictures really speak for themselves) and a little bit of multimedia surprise in each issue. They usually visit at least a few places that everyone knows, and then there will be some bizarre, distant place that I’ve never heard of.

To wit: among the places visited this month are Burkina Faso, Belfast, Madrid and…here’s the odd one: Coober Pedy, some place in the Australian Outback. So there you go. Give it a read, gander, perusal, once-over.