Trinidad & Tobago Disptach 1: Solo Apple J

AppleJWell folks I finally made it here and after my hot, cramped, sticky flight into Piarco International Airport in Trinidad one of the very first things on my mind was a nice cold Apple J. For those of you unfamiliar with the sparkling beverage it is made from nature-fresh apple juice, has no preservatives, additives, and is enriched in Vitamin C. In short it is sweet and delicious. Back home I discovered a West Indian restaurant that happens to sell the Solo Banana, but cannot find the Apple J anywhere in my neck of the woods. But before I go any further, you’re probably wondering whether I have flown all the way over to Trinidad to bore you with dispatches on the local carbonated drink and if you’ll allow me the opportunity to rid your mind of such foolishness I’ll answer that question now. Most certainly not.

Since this is my second visit to the island some things are familiar and welcoming like the taste of an ice chilled Apple J. It holds the pleasant memory of my first sip on a bus trip down south to La Brea with my long-time pen pal who had prepared home-made beef patties as well. However this being my first time here during Carnival season many things are still very foreign. Leaving the airport for one, I noticed several large costumed figures resembling men on stilts in red, black and white (the colors of the flag) situated just inside a round-a-bout.  This was just one hint of the festive season and others are bound to reveal themselves shortly. As they come I’ll be sure to share.

For the most part this first day back on the island was like a first day anywhere. One of the first stops after my arrival was a trip to Mount Hope hospital to see my pen pal who was paying a short visit her grandma. My companion and I checked in with them both, wishing a speedy recovering to the older woman and the three of us exited shortly after so she could get some sleep. The rest of the day included a good amount of time in late afternoon traffic, a trip to the grocery store, and getting nestled in for the evening. Now that I have discovered what my internet connection is like and that I can blog to the masses, I can safely rendezvous with the Sandman.

Stay tuned for more.