Postcards from Trinidad: Two

Spewing fake blood from the mouths of their masks onto my clothing and pulling icky crabs and frogs from their bag of goodies were only a few surprises these Carnival tricksters also known as ‘Blue Devils’ had up their sleeves. I screamed so loud when a young devil placed the crab close in my face that the Emcee had to tell the little guy not to scare the audience too much. Part of the ‘Vie la Coupe’ festival held at the President’s Park earlier today the rowdy devils worked the crowd making sure their entertaining services were well paid for. The festival is held to celebrate some of the more traditional characters of Carnival like Minstrels, Dame Lorraine, Jab Jab, Moko Jumbie, Fancy Indians, Jab Molassie, Pierrot Grenade, Bats and the Midnight Robber.