easyJet Weddings

Okay, we’re a bit late on this one for Valentine’s Day, but I think those of you who survived this holiday intact and are considering taking that next big step might appreciate this post nonetheless. Oh, and it will help if you live in England.

We posted last week on how Slovenia has become the hot cheap wedding destination for British couples looking to save some money on their big day. Now, there is a term for such getaways: easyJet Weddings.

Nicknamed after the ridiculously inexpensive budget airlines based in England, easyJet Weddings offer the happy couple cheap access to wedding locations, such as Spain and Turkey, that are far cheaper than back home. In addition, their guests can usually fly to these exotic destinations for less than it costs to park a car for the day in London.

Check out the link for an in-depth listing of possible locations, local marriage laws, and sample costs.

And if things didn’t work out for you on Valentine’s Day, hop on a cheap flight anyway and get out of town; there are plenty of weddings to crash in Spain and Turkey.