Africa Travel: Mauritius

SegaAlthough this
island located in southern Africa in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar is said to be heavily influenced by its
British, French and Indian ties there is still an abundance of culture to soak in of pure African origin. Take this
traditional dance called sega which was invented by the Mauritians of African origin and based on African
music originating with slaves. Defined by the rubbing of feet, the swaying of hips and Creole lyrics a show of such
should be tops on the lists to any visitor in Mautitius. In the past
the dance was used by slaves to forget their worries, heart-ache and pains of their  lives while today it is used
to entertain visitors. Those especially interested in the arts should check out this page devoted to cultural finds in Mauritius. I admit, I learned a
lot about this little tropical island and wouldn’t mind making a voyage there one day.

As a side note:
Anyone thinking Africa and the term "roughing it" should give Mauritius a second glance. This is probably one
of the most tourist friendly and comfortable countries in all the continent. Don’t take my word for it though. Like I
mentioned earlier – I’ve never been, but it looks like a sure winner.