Africa Travel: Niger

src="" alt="Niger" />Whenever you find yourself having a hard
time finding good information on a destination not as frequented as others you can always rely on href="">Lonely Planet and even href="">UNESCO’s World Heritage List  to point out spots of
interest. Seems there is a World Heritage landmark in every country these days and for my short blurb on Niger that is
exactly what I’m going to direct your attention to. The W National Park of Niger is an area where savannah and forest
land meet, mix and the river at the park’s northern border form a double bend. Wildlife is scarce according to LP, but
a variety of bird life is still left to be seen. UNESCO also mentions how the site reflects the interaction between
natural resources and humans since Neolithic times. That could be pretty far-out.

If something like this
sounds right up your alley I did manage to find a tour company that specializes in trip to Niger and this area
specifically. Looks like an eight day affair around the country with days six and seven at the W. For more details href="">click here to go to href="">Nigercar Voyages. Also, be sure to check with the href="">US Embassy for additional notes on the country is general.