Africa Travel: Seychelles

SeychellesBefore I go on about how fantastic the
archipelago in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar better known as Seychelles is, let me just say all the islands off the coast of Africa
seem to have some fabulous kind of websites. Not that tourism websites make or break a country, but on impulse I’d fly
over to Seychelles in a heart beat. Now, where was I? Yes, beautiful Seychelles. With over 100 plus islands to choose
from water activities like diving, sailing, fishing, as well as island hopping are a given. In addition to sand and sea
the islands offer a diverse range of walking hikes to get lost on. There’s really far to much to capture in one short
blurb here, so I’ll leave you the well done tourism site to explore and gather ideas for your own awesome archipelago
adventure. In the meantime just click around the interactive gallery
for incredible shots on this incredible African place under the sun.