One for the Road: Traveler's Tales Prague

We haven’t done a ton of One for the Roads since Kelly
left, but I’m going to try to get one done every once in a while. I’ve got a whole bunch of books on my reading list,
or which I am currently into, but most of them are somehow related to work (i.e. a book on genetics that I’m reading)
or are just plain fun (I picked up Carl Hiaasen’s Lucky You the other day on a whim and now am plowing through
it). Anyway, I also just got my hands on a new book out from the good folks at Travel’s Tales. Called Travelers’ Tales Prague
and the Czech Republic : True Stories
, the book is edited by David Farley and
Jessie Sholl and contains stories by a menagerie of well-known and lesser-known writers.  the names include 
Myla Goldberg, Helen Epstein, Jan Morris, and Francine Prose, among others. I’m psyched to read it, if just because a
couple of good friends of mine just moved to Prague and because I’ve been there a few times myself. So check this one
out if you’re a Czech republic fan.