Tripoli International Fair

TripoliWhen I think about the
word ‘fair’ images of pig racing competitions, hay stacks, funnel cakes, shaky half-constructed Ferris wheels,
baby strollers and big hair all seem to flood my mind. Every year I’ve ever been to a fair be it here in Florida or out
west in California there’s always big hair, but then again I don’t stick around too long. I go in, get my days worth of
the most greasiest and most sugar coated eats and get out. Enough about the less than fab fairs I’ve been to here in the
states, I’d like to now direct your attention to the Tripoli
International Fair in Libya.

Why? Well for the few lucky ones anywhere near or around Tripoli April 6-12, 2006 I’m certain you’ll want to check the
event out. The fair is an international, industrial, agricultural and commercial event with about 30 countries in
attendance. Of cultural interest there are many festivals tucked within the one huge event, many which include Libyan
folklore bands and bands from all over for world music lovers. I haven’t a clue about the entire line-up of shows, but
if you really find yourself in the country during this time be sure to check out Luna Angel (a highly talented reggae artist out of Oakland).

And a fair wouldn’t be a fair without a lil’ something for the kiddies so if you’re traveling with children count on
the ‘funfair’ to keep them entertained. (I know funfair sounds rather vague, but that’s all they’re giving me
on this site.) Overall Libya and ‘fair’ just seem too incredibly
cool for any traveler to miss.