Top Topless Beaches

I found it rather odd that a stuffy business publication such as Forbes actually
publishes a list of the world’s best topless
.  I suppose successful businessmen need to get their thrills in one form or another; they may as well
have such a list handy when considering possible locations for that upcoming executive retreat. 

Nonetheless, the list is a bit of a scam.  First off, to rationalize its place in a serious business magazine,
and to give it an air of authority (instead of the T&A piece it really is) the writer made sure to interview
consultants from Lodging Investment Advisors and Hospitality Advisers—both of whom had wise
business-like things to say about nudity and beaches. 

Secondly, more than half of the beaches listed are in Europe where, you guessed it, EVERY beach is a topless
beach.  Other than Europe, the list includes Anse du Gouverneur (St. Barts, French West Indies), Clifton Beach
(Cape Town, South Africa), the curiously named Manly Beach (Sydney, Australia) and of course the venerable Copacabana
Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).  The lone American choices are Blacks Beach in San Diego (actually a full nudity
beach), and South Beach in Miami. 

So, if you’re looking to cut down on your firm’s travel experiences, you’d best opt for Miami or
San Diego.