Casas Rapa Nui on Easter Island

It seems to me the whole luxury hotel in exotic
places thing has taken a turn for the weird. Not that I haven’t always wanted to visit Easter Island, which lies
waaaaay off the coast of Chile, but it just seems kind of lame to put some luxury accommodations there. I mean, I
thought the whole point of Easter Island is its remoteness and simplicity. But maybe I’m just a reactionary. Off course
they’re going to build luxury hotels in a place like that. People will pay for it, and when people pay, they build.

And so we have Casas Rapa Nui, on Easter Island, probably the most remote speck of land on the
globe. Run by the company Explora, who also has lodges in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, the hotel offers nine
spacious rooms and an ornate dining room and bar that cooks up fresh fish caught that very day from the seas around you.
And yet there’s more. By the end of next year Explora will finish a 30-room lodge with a swimming pool and sprawling
terrace restaurant with gaping views.

So if you’re interested, and I confess I am, despite my grumpiness
about bulding the place, you can check out LAN Airlines and book three to seven nights
at Casas Rapa Nui from around $1,200 per person.