Ukraine's Ultimate Dance Party

Well, people, forget Spring Break.  Thanks to Travel & Leisure magazine, I now know where the ultimate
dance beach party is.

It turns out, it’s in the Ukraine.

According to the
, this summer the Ukraine hosts a huge beach party, lasting an entire month, in Crimea.  The festival,
called "Kazantip," attracts hundreds of DJs from all over Europe and Russia, ten stages, huge television
screens, not to mention tens of thousands of revelers.  Most of the dancers are young Ukrainians and Russians, but
apparently the event is attracting more and more tourists from around Europe.  By day, most are just hanging around
the beach, but by nightfall?  It’s  alcohol-fuelled bacchanalia, until the break of dawn.

If this
sounds like your kind of party, be sure to visit the official website
This year’s Kazantip will from July 15th, 2006 — August 26th, 2006.