Where's Walrond?: Going home, and the revelation

Our mini-holiday is rapidly coming to an end.  We don’t have much planned today, except for breakfast, a quick
dip in the ocean, packing and then checking out of the hotel.  Luckily, our flight today takes us directly back to
Trinidad, so no stange layovers in Barbados like a few days ago. 

Since we’re closing up shop on our
little vacation, I thought I’d also close up shop with our contest as well — and what great troupers you are! 
Excellent guesses, all of you — but I’m pleased to announce that Isabel is the winner of our competition,
correctly identifying that we are in Castries, St. Lucia. For her astute sleuthing, Isabel will win
the print shown here, of one of St. Lucia’s most distinctive landmarks, the piton mountain (there are
actually two of them, on the south side of the island — unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them this time. 
Perhaps the next.).  The artist who painted the work actually lives on the island of Antigua, but paints scenes
throughout the Caribbean.  The print is large enough that you’ll be able to appreciate the detail of her work, but
small enough to decorate your workspace, should it require a little tropical flair (and more importantly, fit in my
carry-on bag!)

Our runners-up (read:  the two people who correctly named both city and country) are
Tanya and Becky.  They’ll be receiving smaller prints of St. Lucia done by the same artist.

So that’s it!  Thanks so much for playing — it was actually quite a bit of fun trying to come up with the
clues, so I hope you had some fun guessing as well!  (Winners, I’ll be contacting you via e-mail once I return home
to get a mailing address for sending your prizes.)  I’ll be writing up a full travel review of our vacation for
Gadling (as well as a full dive report for Divester), so you’ll get to read about
everything we experienced in much more detail — stay tuned.  We have a few more trips planned this year, so if you
enjoyed participating in this contest, stay tuned — there are going to be a few more opportunties to win again.

In the meantime, wish us good travels, and Happy Easter, everyone!