Trinidad & Tobago Ferry

This weekend, my husband, daughter and I took my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law to Trinidad’s sister island,
Tobago.  Normally, we would’ve taken the 15-minute plane trip over, but this time, we decided to take the

About a year ago, Trinidad & Tobago purchased two catamaran ferries to make the trip between the
two islands.  Previously, the ferry journey would dtake 5 — 6 hours; now?  A relatively speedy 2-1/2
hours.  And the ferries are actually quite comfortable — they have full-service snack bars (as well as bars of
the more alcoholic sort), spacious seating, and a light, airy atmosphere.

The trip between the islands costs
less than US$10 (compared to the US$50 airfare).  Definitely worth the ticket price.  A word of warning,
however:  if you’re prone to seasickness, better to go ahead and spring for the airfare, or a dose of Dramamine —
the passage between the islands can sometimes get a bit choppy.  But if you can handle it?  It’s a beautiful
way to see the islands from a  diffferent perspective.