Red Corner: Tallinn holding it’s Own

Apparently there is a scourge attacking Europe that is far worse than us loud-mouthed American tourists: British bachelor parties. I’ve seen their ilk last time I flew into Prague. Dressed up in costumes and drunk before clearing customs, these rowdy partiers seek out cheap cities where beer flows freely and the bachelor is guaranteed a good time-unlike locals and other tourists who have to put up with their obnoxiousness. Recently, we posted about the latest hot spot to hit the British bachelor party circuit: Tallinn, Estonia.

A recent article in The Independent written by Sankha Guha (who claims, tongue-in-cheek, to have put the capital of Estonia on the bachelor party radar), takes a look at how Tallinn has weathered the storm of inebriated Brits. His conclusion is that it has done so very well. Guha joins in a bit of the fun himself, while also taking time to introduce the readers to the other treasures Tallinn has to offer besides cheap beer.