Amazing Coulple

Here’s one for traveling lovers with a decided adventuresome bent.

Wafaei and Angus, 34, are making an around the world trek and covering some 43,000 km (someone do the translation, I’m too tired) starting their expedition together in Moscow. Angus arrived earlier from Siberia with another explorer after rowing the Bering Sea from Alaska in June 2004. The couple then made their way to Russia in the winter of 2005, traveling the frozen terrain on skis or bikes equipped with spiked tires. Then the two, who are engaged, biked 5,000 km over 55 days across Europe, keeping themselves to narrow roads most of the time because cyclists aren’t allowed on highways. They’ll eventually make their way to Vancouver, where, one hopes, if they haven’t killed each other, they will get married.

A gnarly trip to be sure.