Word for the Travel Wise (06/05/06)

Sierra Leone Looks as if we may have missed this event by just a hair, but if you’re really interested in slave history you may want to pick up the book. After-all there is nothing wrong in planning your own special sightseeing and learning tours to places and events long past. Apparently, the Sierra Leone Gullah Heritage Association disclosed information that Rhode Islanders will host 7th generation descendant of Priscilla, a young African girl taken captive by a Newport Rhode Island slave ship and sold into slavery in Charleston, S.C in 1756. The girl was purchased by rice planter, Elias Ball and her tale uncovered in the book Slaves in the Family, by a  Ball descendent. The descendent of Priscilla, Thomalind Martin Polite and her family had scheduled a weekend of celebration from June 3-5, 2006. There are tons of details remaining at allAfrica online. If interested in any of the above definitely check it out. For now a word or two…

Today’s phrase is a Mende phrase used in Sierra Leone:

Wa mu li na – Come, let us go there

Mende is going to be yet another toughie to learn online. For now I suggest going through this Mende Phrasebook published by the Bumumbu Press during colonial times to help Mende speakers learn English. In turn it can help you learn Mende in modern times.

Past Mende words: Nya sinjii ve