GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of June 11

Gadling LogoLet’s keep this short and sweet. The week is over and it’s time to round up some our five favorites you may have missed, so here they are:

5. Armenia Dispatches List:

For those of you who have been with us for a while you probably noticed how the categories disappeared and reappeared after some site maintenance and in the midst of the shuffle some really cool posts got buried underneath the rubble. Luckily Erik managed to retrieve all the dispatches done while visiting Armenia last year. If you didn’t catch them before then be sure to check them out now. Erik tunes us into the sounds of Bambir, the power of chess and the tales of a fine road trip through the region.

4. Future Tourist Sites that Hope to Remain Hidden:

Neil ponders an interesting subject found in the Los Angeles Times – how to keep future tourists away from sites that contain chemical agents and radioactivity. Apparently a Waste Isolation Plant in New Mexico is facing the challenge of how to warn people of the future that the artifacts found beneath the surface are dangerous, deadly and should not be touched. But how? Something to think about…

3. Indian City, USA:
We never blog enough about Native American travel sites and cool destinations to visit out in lands like Oklahoma. Agree? Well I had the chance to visit Indian City, USA in Anadarko, Oklahoma recently and if you’re in the area or planning to be you may wish to check out my blurb on the area. It’s just about the only thing out there to check out.

2. The Trib on Great Hikes:

Wish there were more people out there doing rather than just saying they’re going to do or telling you what’s really cool to do though they’ve never stepped foot on the land to begin with? Yeah – me too. Thankfully Erik points out a piece done by a guy who is the real deal on providing the 411 on great hikes around the country. If you’re looking for the best in hikes for the summer give this article a glance.

1. Paddle Stuff:
Summer is right around the corner and what could be better than man paddling through the sparkling crystal blue waters of some lake with the cool, light summer breeze brushing across his face? The answer is absolutely nothing. Okay, I’m sure somethings, but not most. If you’re looking to  become a paddle fanatic or tighten up your skills be sure to look at this small Paddle Stuff guide form Erik. It’s basically a list of links, but some fine ones in getting geared up and prepared to hit the water.