It’s Canada Day, you Hoser!

Today is Canada Day.

In honor of Canada Day, we here at Gadling would like to take a moment to salute our neighbors from the Great White North with a nostalgic nod toward the Maple Leaf’s two greatest ambassadors, Bob and Doug McKenzie

True connoisseurs of Canadian culture, Bob and Doug were most Americans first, and perhaps only, exposure to Canada in the 1980s.  Indeed, most anything we know about the nation today is thanks to these public relation geniuses.  An entire country located north of the United States?!?!  I had no idea until Bob and Doug told me so.  The more I tuned in, the more I learned.  The natives, for example, actually speak English!  Sure, they make funny noises while doing so, and often pepper their lollygagging with “eh?” and “hoser,” but it is English nonetheless.  

Often garbed in traditional toques, Canadians (as they’re called) exist in a cold, unforgiving environment.  They like hockey and beer.  And not much else.  They mate seasonally in the winter when they must huddle together to keep warm and apparently do it doggy style so the male can watch hockey during the process.  Canadians give birth to litters of 4-5 canucks, some of which are immediately eaten by the mother if they prove unable to pop open an icy can of Molson on their own. 

So, let’s raise our glasses to the fine folks to the north.  May they one day receive electricity.