GadlingIt’s Friday and that means show and tell time here at Gadling. Ultimately we show you what you may have missed and you tell us what you like. Here we go.

5. Unique Hotels:

It wasn’t until last year sometime when it really started to dawn on me how much of an experience a hotel can provide. Before coming across some really cool spots to crash and lounge around I would just sleep, eat, and hit the road. So now, when I go to book hotels, before I grab the best deal, I look for other special qualities and what makes the place unique. In this blurb Neil describes places online that make it easier for travelers seeking similar hotel unique experiences. (I know I sounded a bit like an infomercial, but seriously check it out!)

4. Afghan Wildlife Reserves:

Erik is right – not many folks will bother going to Afghanistan let alone a wildlife reserve there should they every come to reality, but I felt it was a fine post and deserves another looksie. If we can’t go by foot, plane or train we may as well use our minds and travel with our imaginations.

3. Suspect Waters:

Hardcore, summertime, backing packing through the woods has never really been my thing and I can also tell you one other thing that hasn’t been my cup of tea on any trip of any kind. Um, diarrhea. Yeah, it sucks. In this post Neil directs us to the LA Times for a piece on some of the challenges faced by backpackers on their weekend escapes.

2. Mexico By Train… With Money:
Here’s an easy one… Ever been to Mexico by train? Got a little cash to blow this summer on your lavish vaca? Then drop a little money on a Mexican train excursion. Oh, and take me too!

1. Balkan Odyssey Part 1: Getting to Albania:

Did you know there was an airport actually named after Mother Teresa? I didn’t – until now. Neil’s back from his journey with plenty of tales to share. Go take a peek at his first installment to what looks like a very promising trip report to the Balkans.