Tajikistan Blogs & Photos

TajikistanLooks as if I’ve hit the jackpot and if you’re Central Asia bound searching for travel info then my friends you have struck blogosphere gold. (Or perhaps reaching blogosphere heaven would be better – I dunno.) Anyhow, it seems there are more Central Asian and Tajikistan blogs out there than my blind eyes could realize. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do too much of the searching. Neweurasia online is an amazing source of 411 for all the countries nay-sayers believe people never venture, but they’re wrong. In this Tajik neweurasia piece they do a phenomenal job pointing out Tajikistan blogs across the globe. One of which even came from a myspace member and most from a diverse round-up of people. My brain is almost to the point of explosion!

I’d love to sit and tell you more about this site, but it’s best to just go for yourself. Someone by the name of teokaye was also kind enough to leave the link to his Flickr pool of some very awe-inspiring Tajik photos. With that I’m off to check them out in detail. Hope you’ll do the same.