Transparent Kayak

File this under “WAAAAAAyyyy cool”. I guess the question that comes to mind for me, is why had no one thought of this before. The Transparent Canoe-Kayak allows you to be out on a paddle and glimpse, right down there between your legs, all the myriad life forms that inhabit the sea…or at least those down between your legs. Of course, paddling on the Hudson would likely provide me with glimpses of murky water at best and a river bottom of trash or perhaps a mafia-duped body at worst. Still I love the concept.

The Transparent Canoe-Kayak is a tandem, meaning it can seat two folks. Which means you’ll have someone to share you’re adventure with. Interestingly, and this might explain the price, the kayak is made of the same material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets as well as a lightweight anodized aluminum frame. What does piece of wonder run? No surprise. It ain’t cheap: $1,459.95.Brilliant.