Geraldi’s of Eureka Springs

Geraldi'sDid I forget to mention an essential part of my day trip to Eureka Springs – of course not! I knew if I got started talking about food anywhere in the previous piece we wouldn’t have gotten any further so I saved for a plug of its own. Before we boarded our trolley we figured it’d be a good idea to fuel up and word on the town was Geraldi’s was yummy and cheap. No questions asked – we headed right over.

It’s a small Italian food spot tucked between souvenir shops and more souvenir shops. Very casual dining space with simple Italian inspired decor. The waiter was a young guy with a welcoming smile and well attentive. We were all hungry so it didn’t take long to decide what we wanted to order. I went for a salad, side of olives, and an Italian sausage sandwich. My stomach was roaring from the aroma of dishes passing by. I devoured my salad in moments after it arrived. With fork and knife in the air I sat waiting for my sandwich. Was I that hungry or was the food really that appetizing? Both? When my lunch arrived I did my best to eat slowly so to savor the sauce, cheese and sausage taste all at once. There was no point. It was gone. Gulp!

Got Geraldi’s?

Geraldi’s is located at 61 B S Main Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. Ph. (479) 253-6511