Hiking the AT With Carrie and Derrick

The Appalachian Trail. It snakes and rises and falls and twists and rolls along the entire United States East coast. It is an epic thread of hiking trail, one of the best known, but also one of the more challenging, in the country. Not challenging in the Everest sense. No major altitudes to deal with the Appalachian Trail, no Hillary Step or frozen bodies lying alongside. But it is looooong. How long? Well just ask Carrie and Derrick, a pair of blaze seekers who are attempting to do the entire length of the trail and are posting daily photos and video along the way.

I was quite impressed by the site here and wondered how in the world they are managing to keep it so up to date. I suppose they wait until they get to a place with a decent connection and then write like mad and upload. Whatever the process, you have to salute these two intrepid young adventurers, especially given the gnarly heat wave headed this way (or is it here already?) this week.