Nine Million Refugee Children

ninemillionI’ve been experiencing the worst case of “heal the world” syndrome lately and it seems there is always more I can do, but never enough; money, time, hands, etc. Habitat for Humanity has always been an organization I’ve reached down into my pockets blindly and given what I could, when I could and if ever I could do the same for another organization it would have to be Their commercials have worked their way into my mind and the website is far more gripping. Just reading the accounts of refugee children from Uganda, Azerbaijan and Thailand has me real worked up now. I’ve just traveled to three countries I’ve never set foot on in one of the most disheartening ways, yet I hope to some day go and lend more than an online donation. Maybe a smile, a story or a very extra elbow-greased limb to contribute by whatever means necessary will do the trick. Until that times comes the least I can do is spread the word.

There are 20.8 million refugees in the world. Nine million are children. See how you can get involved. Donations in any amount go a long way.