When I Travel to _______, People Say this_______.

Tajik GirlGo on, fill in the blanks. Just humor me alright. It’s early Saturday morning and I’m as giddy as ever. My visa for Tajikistan is finally on its way, I have less than a month to go and high hopes of making it to the Pamirs. My head is swirling with sweet exotic travel thoughts of a land beyond lands – the Roof of the World. I’ve got happy feet. I’m elated. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it… I’ll stop now. Now if only I could make my family understand. Every time I pick a new destination to jet off too, the response is often why do you want to go there? I usually spit out the typical off-the-beaten track traveler’s answer, why not?

Why not?

Not that I’m the kind of person to pay too much attention to public opinion I do find what people have to say about the places I go or think about going rather hilarious. It’s almost like a nice round of MadLibs. If I were to describe what some of the responses have been like and who they came from this is how it would probably read:

When I travel to Tajikistan, people say ‘where?’ (75% of reactions) Well I haven’t gone yet, but I’ve got 25 days left till departure.

  • But, why, why, why, would you want to go there? – Family member desperately trying to understand my NEED to travel there.
  • Oh, so you’re going to the ‘Stans?’ – Random person who couldn’t point out the so-called ‘Stans’ on a map to save their life.
  • You’re going by Afghanistan? Are you crazy? – Overly concerned friends.
  • I’m pretty envious of you. Dushanbe is one of the best places in Central Asia. Stay at Malohat’s. – Friend of a friend who knows and who has been. (I liked this guy.)
  • Adrienne, you’re crazy? – Multiple people speaking in regards to travel and non-travel related issues.
  • Isn’t it dangerous there? – Americans who don’t realize how dangerous it is here. (Isn’t there a Serial Killer on the run in Arizona now?)
  • My brother just got back from there on business. – Woman who was trying to hire me for a job I had to pass up.
  • I’m so glad you’re doing this for Habitat for Humanity. That’s really cool. – Andy, my amazing travel agent and pal who does the booking!
  • No one goes there. You’re the only one. – An employee at a bookstore that didn’t carry any Central Asia travel guides.

I could go on, but I won’t. What do you think about when you hear Tajikistan? What have people said about your travels to Milan, Abu Dhabi, Eritrea, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Kingston, or where ever you may have been? Planning a trip now? What are people saying about that? Anything useful? Just a fun little way to exercise your brain this fine Saturday morning.

Happy travel planning!