Word for the Travel Wise (08/05/06)

Greenland FlagToday I’m just taking the easy route. Relaxing and catching up on some of the things I never really got around to doing. Small reads and projects here and there, including populating some of the categories here on Gadling that are a little light. Then I noticed we don’t even have one for Greenland. Huh? How can this be? This shall be fixed soon I say. In the meantime I did a quick search on Greenland and found several fine blogs Erik had lovingly posted in the past. One of which was this Whale Hunters piece that makes you think about the art (or just plain killing) of the large mammal. If you haven’t read it before or let it sneak past you in the pass, use this time to check it out if you haven’t anything to do this Saturday.

Today’s word is a Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) word used in Greenland:

mattak – whale blubber

Greenlandic also known as Kalaallisut language is spoken by 54,000 people and is closely related to Canadian Inukitut. In my own opinion I’d say most words are dizzying and longer than the length of the country itself, but that is just me. You can visit the Greenland Language Council online, but their site is in full Greendlandic so without any prior skill you won’t get too far. Wiki and Ethnologue report, both have great background info and lastly there is this Greendlandic for Travelers (silly Engleeshes) to check out. I didn’t get it, but maybe you will.