The International Ecotourism Society Searching for Intern

EcotourismThis could be cool — very cool if you’re on the hunt for unique job experiences, but you’ll need to move quickly and act fast! The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is seeking an Intern to work in their Washington DC office to help organize the 2007 Global Ecotourism Conference, which will be held in Oslo, Norway, from May 14-16, 2007. It mentions nothing as to whether the position is a paid gig or unpaid internship, but it seems worth shooting for. Me, being the dreamer that I am, would imagine being handsomely rewarded with a ticket to the conference in Norway as a token of all my paid or unpaid hard work, but again you’ll have to further inquire to see what’s at the end of the job tunnel.

Some of the duties to be performed include: researching and compiling lists of potential speakers, guests, and partners – preparing invitations – solidify partnerships with other NGO’s. Oh, but there’s more, you’ll just have to go see for yourself. The deadline for application is September 1, 2006