Red Corner: Tallinn Still Hopping

Wow, it seems every time I turn around, some other newspaper is writing about what a hot party destination Tallinn, Estonia has become. Last Sunday, it was The New York Time’s turn.

We’ve posted about this Estonian phenomenon before, but obviously a mention in the Times gives the hype credence. The article discusses how the small capital has become the Las Vegas of Western Europe, playing host to all manner of bachelor parties and weekend getaways–thanks to its cheap (but rising) costs and inexpensive easyJet airline tickets.

Fortunately, the article doesn’t focus entirely on the local hedonism; Tallinn is an old historical town that has so much more to offer than tawdry strip bars and bottomless beer mugs. The new Kumu Art Museum which specializes in Estonian modern art, for example, is a nice sober detour.