Word for the Travel Wise (09/02/06)

Pakistan FlagI’ve used climbing K2, the second highest mountain on Earth, as a conversation starter before, but it won’t keep me from using it again. After you see today’s word from one of the lesser spoken languages of Pakistan you’ll understand why.

Today’s word is a Khowar word used in Pakistan:

zoom – mountain

Khowar is classified as a Dardic language and is spoken by some 400,000 people in Northwest Pakistan. If you’re going over to the country try learning Urdu first. Online sources for Khowar are scarce.

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, spoken by some 61 million natives and 104 million total. The language falls under the Indo-Aryan family, developed under Persian, Turkish, and Arabic. From my own Persian studies I’ve noticed several closely related if not exact same word. Unless someone out there has a few recommendations on learning Urdu on the web other than what is provided here, this could be a small challenge. For some basics on the script and general background info visit UK India. Otherwise I’d say it’s time to head over to My Language Exchange to find some native speakers looking to swap your lingo knowledge for theirs. Click here for a pretty good blog on a world of Urdu topics.

Past Urdu words from Pakistan: khatarnak, saman