Word for the Travel Wise (09/05/06)

KazakhstanIf they say places like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are some of the last least explored tourist destinations in the world, which they often do – then Kazakhstan must be the last unexplored destination for the Foodies. How is it that I can make such a remark? Why, Horse Sausage my friends. Okay, maybe horse meat isn’t that rare and perhaps many a Foodie have experienced it’s um, (vegetarians look away) tough or tender texture tearing across their teeth. Ugh – gulp. Here are some recipes for cooking Kazy and Shuzhuk, both dishes with horse flesh included.

Today’s word is a Kazakh word used in Kazakhstan:

at – horse

Kazakh and Russian are both official languages of Kazakhstan. There are approximately 11.5 million Kazakh speakers in the world. Considering many adoptive families adopt Kazakh children someone was nice enough to put together this extensive list of Kazakh language learning resources. Whether you’re adopting or not – if you are serious about learning I suggest you check out this page. I doubt there is a more exhaustive list on the web.