Podcast Reminder

One of the things with being a blog is that the need to constantly post new information is unrelenting. I think we now do between 10-15 posts a day here. That’s a lot of work and a lot of useful (and sometimes not so useful) information for gadling readers. But the problem is that sometimes things disappear really quickly and get lost in the digital annals. So I just wanted to remind folks with this post about the podcast we did last week with guidebook writer Joshua Berman. But also, if you look back in the gadling podcast category, you’ll see we’ve done a whole host of cool podcasts that you can listen to now on your ipod or computer or via that chip the government implanted in your skull.

Who else have we done podcasts with, you ask?

Well what about one of the hosts of Deep Sea Detectives, a very cool fellow named John Chatterton (whose exploits will also be featured soon in a movie directed by Ridley Scott). Then there is the talk we had with undersea explorer Fabien Cousteau. Of what about Josh Davis, author of The Underdog. There are more, and, in fact, here is a quick list for you. So click away and listen up:

James O’Reilly, Executive Editor of Traveler’s Tales
– Lonely Planet’s Don George
Eric Stiller, kayaker and the author of Keep Australia on Your Left
Jim Benning, co-editor of the online travel site Worldhum
Dean LaTourrette and Kristine Enea, travel authors
Cafe Reggio

And we are also on itunes, so feel free to subscribe for your ipod.