Mt. Biking the Land of the Rising Sun

Who knew that fat tire fanatics could find bliss in th eland of sushi and sake? Hey, when I think of Japan, I am rather more apt to picture huge LCD signs rising over Tokyo like a scene from Blade Runner, not lovely single-tracks that wind through river and stream. OK, there’s always Mt. Fuji, but did you know that the mountain biking was actually quite spectacular? This article over at Mountainzone makes the case convincingly that outdoor sports like mountain biking and kite surfing are becoming all the rage in Japan.

We meet the members of one of the country’s hot new biking teams and get a solid feel for the terrain and riding opps around Mt. Fuli, where for a brief period in and around mid-September (i.e. right now), the mountain offers itself up to mountain biking. Heading out with team Lightening & Thunder, we get to navigate the twisting trails, gnarly switchbacks, and the piles of loose scree during a pleasantly unusual biking experience.

Add this one to your list of mountain biking must-dos.