Omaha On My Mind

OmahaSo it’s Monday and I know all of you are crawling out of your beds or have already crawled into the confines of some cube farm in corporate America somewhere, but I beg you or anyone out there doing the complete opposite to spill the beans on Omaha, Nebraska. It just fell onto my travel radar for the week of October 8th-13th and my knowledge of the Midwestern city is close to zilch. In fact it is zilch. I’ve heard horror stories, well not quite horror, but that there’s nothing there worth sticking around for and if you’re smart you make like tumbleweeds and roll out. However, I’m out to prove that theory wrong.

I’ve been to the site this morning and it sure was purty and all, but I want the real skinny. What’s really hopping? I’m searching for it all – shoestring, budget accommodation, good old fashion eats, shakin’ nightlife, and sweet cultural finds. I want the whole shebang!

Please, anyone out there? Help!