Packing Your Bike

Any time I’m traveling through some remote area and come across a bicyclist tooling around, I always think how cool that must be. I never realized, however, the hassles involved with actually getting your bike to some far off location.

And yet, hard-core cyclists who don’t want to rent a pile of junk while vacationing, must routinely dismantled their favorite bike and pack it into a box they can toss on a plane. This can either be an incredible lesson in frustration, or, as David Colker reports in the LA Times, a rather simple procedure–providing you’ve done your homework.

The only bike I own is certainly not worth shipping abroad, but for those of you who truly love your two-wheeled buddy, you should spend a moment reading Colker’s informative article.

Who knew, for example, that United Airlines unfairly charges an additional $85 to ship a bike even if it is dismantled and placed in a box like any other piece of luggage?